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Woven Clothing Labels

Among our clients, as well as in the new projects that come to us daily, one of the most requested clothing labels are the personalized woven ones. Before explaining more about this type of material, we want to highlight these two recent works. What have these clients achieved with our labels? Differentiate your product from

Origin of the labels

Have you ever stopped to think about the origin of labels? Today we are going to share with you a brief journey through history to show you the origin of this product that we have been manufacturing for more than 50 years. What is a tag? According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy,

Step by step: the process to create your labels

Are you looking for where to make labels for your shoes? Is the fashion season going to change and you are looking for new clothing labels? At Etimed, we want to explain the easiest way to prepare your next labels in our company. After more than 50 years of experience in the sector, we have

Shoe labels: discover them at Etimed

As label manufacturers we know how important shoe labels are. Are you going to launch a new line of footwear? Are you starting with a new project? We want your new shoes to look as they deserve and the labels you put on them to match. This is an essential garment in our wardrobe and

Etimed committed to environmental sustainability

The responsibility that Etiquetas del Mediterráneo, S.L. we have acquired throughout our years of history, went one step further with the Chain of Custody policy that our company implemented in its processes, in accordance with the regulations of the reference certifying bodies, FSC and PEFC. This commitment to the environment obliges us to guarantee sustainable

Do you want to know the new trends in labels?

A touch of color, a different tone, a bit of shine to your worn-out jeans, your lace shirt or your “red” shoes… they can be different if you decorate each one of them, with the new trend in textile and footwear labeling that we present to you and that will mark part of the next

Exclusive labels: Autumn – winter trends

Discovering the world, we give birth to new ideas and progressive movements. At Etimed we are always in progressive movement, researching, testing new materials and giving birth to new exclusive labels that you will love. For the new Autumn – Winter collection, we have united our imagination and reality, the result exceeds all our expectations!

Eco labels with seeds

Have you ever thought about making more use of your labels? We have the answer! Bet on organic labels with seeds. Hang tags are much more than a piece of printed paper where you enter the information the user needs. They play a valuable role in attracting consumer attention and conveying important information about the

What label does a shoe need for its marketing?

We are in the city of reference for footwear. In this important sector at the national level, Elche is the largest producer of shoes. Like all industries that have several centuries of history, footwear has managed to reach the point of union between craftsmanship and innovation. Footwear labels: What labels does a shoe need for

Labels for Sport Wear clothing

Sport Wear fashion is on the street, with an urban and casual style that turns any sports piece into a comfortable garment to face the day to day. The sporty personality also sets the trend and has been with us for several seasons. Live the Moda! Every season we see the most daring proposals from

Composition labels for clothing

Textile composition labeling is a label that identifies the garment, where it indicates: the regulations, washing and composition as well as the manufacturer’s information. All garments must be accompanied by their composition label, thus complying with current regulations. composition label This type of labeling can be manufactured in different materials, some of which are detailed

paper labels with seeds

As every year, we like to attend trade fairs in the sector to present our novelties. The success of this novelty has been such that we want to share it with you. Seed paper is a new and innovative concept that we have opted for since we find it interesting to be able to offer

microinjected labels

Micro-injected silicone is a perfect option due to the versatility it offers, easy to combine among the various trend lines. Possible to apply as a decorative element in footwear and clothing, among others. Also as a personalized corporate component with the brand and/or logo. micro injected labels (3) Among the main characteristics that describe this

Iron-on labels for clothing

The labeling that starts from applications with thermal adhesion of polyurethane in the textile industry, causes the label to be transferred permanently to the fabric. We start with flexible materials with smooth and homogeneous surfaces, with a very soft touch and soft edges to reinforce the union and seam, allowing the normal movement of the

Label Design: 2017 Trends

COLOUR: Energy, relaxation and nature are the three adjectives that unite this new season. Above all colors that inspire nature in lively and bright tones, colors that make you feel connected with the natural elements of the earth. We highlight the Pantone Greenery, it is a grass green tone with a lot of versatility. It

2016, a work in progress

Making a general compilation of our work, it is time to share with you and take stock of what these “366 days” have been. All with a common denominator; a work in progress. We started looking for inspiration season after season. Knowing new terms, concepts in colors, discovering new materials… Exposing ourselves to constant continuous

Label materials, how to choose the best?

Types of label materials Cardboard labels: one of the simplest and most versatile materials that allows us to create everything we can imagine with it. It is being used above all for hang tags and can arouse multiple instincts in the end customer. Undoubtedly, a safe bet to capture our brand since it admits multiple

Tags: upcoming trends

The change of season also means the change in trends and at Etimed we are always up to date for our clients. For this reason, like you, we are working already thinking about the next Spring-Summer 2018 season to guarantee the latest innovations both in components and in the next trends in labels to ensure


Leather labels for jeans are elements intended to decorate, for example, very common to see them on the waist of a jean decorating as a detail of distinction and authenticity of the brand. It is a requested element to give added value to any textile element in the vast majority, transmitting a value of authenticity


In general what recycled fabrics seek is to make society aware of the dangers of pollution. The choice of fibers and materials used in a label collection have a decisive influence on the sustainability of the final product. Productions that require careful labeling at the height of the product itself. It is time to think


At Etimed we have the purpose of working collaborating in the environmental management plan. When we carry out our productions, we have well-defined environmental objectives and goals on any support, but on this occasion, we are talking about paper; that hardened paste that offers so much versatility when working on it. Vibrant effects that radiate


Screen printing is a widely used technique in printing, since it is used to reproduce images on any material. The possibilities offered by screen-printed labels are many, since the finishes can be very varied. It offers great resistance and color fastness. It is characterized by depositing a thick layer of paint on the print. Brief


In this season we have worked on two totally opposite worlds. First we show a sustainable world, based on precision design. In it we use solid materials and rich colors. And secondly, a totally fantastic, lush and very cool world is presented. For the first world, a tangible world, we have created 3 collections that


When we want to label our products, the material we use will determine the finish and use of the label. Today we want to review the special and FSC-certified papers for labels, answering questions such as: What are the differences in use given to one paper or another? What type of paper is most suitable

Success story: The bag of health

Today there are many companies that work with ETIMED, but today we wanted to interview José Antonio Navalón, founding partner of Saquito de la salud. El sacito de la salud, is a company dedicated to the commercialization of cushions filled with seeds and dried flowers. That serve to relieve various symptoms and pain, such as

Label types

We design and create labels to give personality and improve each of your products. Always adapting to your needs and advising each of our clients individually. It has been shown that at the time of purchase, the consumer purchases the product influenced to a large extent by emotional components, and these emotional components are highly

recycled leather labels

When talking about leather tanning, we can feel uncomfortable about the highly polluting process that can become, if rigorous controls are not followed. This is why recycled or regenerated leather labels were born, a much more respectful aspect with the environment. At present, society demands sustainable materials and this material meets the expectations and demand

Custom Woven Bracelets

Wristbands for events Do you want to advertise your business or event? Announce a special date for you?. Have in memory of an unforgettable moment?,… The basis of what represents us is the manufacture of labeling on fabric, a wide percentage of our labeling manufactures, is based on producing labels textiles and what we want

spring/summer 2018 trends

  Spring – Summer 2018, the season to narrate funny, serious, eloquent and scary things. All this is the mixture together with a wide range of colors that perfectly describes this new and innovative collection of spring/summer labels. Labeling that creates initiative for good taste, causing revelations of effects complementing each other. Creating a dialogue


For SPRING/SUMMER 22 we have displayed a wide range of sensations that trigger a continuous flirtation between the fusion of color and textures. Constantly seeking the best and most sustainable qualities of our products, as well as their development and production with the greatest environmental responsibility throughout the entire production chain. The word “simplicity” is


The responsibility that we at Etimed Etiquetas have acquired throughout our years of history with the environment obliges us to guarantee sustainable development and correct environmental management in our work processes; as well as, to facilitate the origin of the raw material included in the forest products, for the realization of the works that we


Ecological responsibility is in its moment of full expansion, making the world aware of the serious consequences that the environment in which we live is suffering. From Etimed always for each and every one of our productions, we intend to contribute our grain of sand. Joining the sustainability movement, giving rise to new products that

Vegan materials for vegan labels

These new vegan materials are born from the demand of a public that is increasingly interested in this type of product. It is reasonable to think that if you have created a brand to market vegan products, all the elements that surround the product must move in the same vein. “Veganism is an ethical alternative


With the end of 2019, we end a year of hard work, in which the search for new materials and finishes has resulted in a year of avant-garde and design towards sustainability. In order to enrich each of the products that we take care of labeling. Thus, for the new year, we continue working with


 Ecological papers are papers that are having a great acceptance due to the particular characteristics of each one and their different textures. In addition to being made from recycled fibers, they have another peculiarity such as that they are biodegradable and their composition is free of chemical additives. Its surface allows you to work on

Tendecias Otoño-Invierno 2020-2021

 Sustainable development becomes a direct accomplice of our collection for this upcoming autumn-winter 2020-2021 season. In our day-to-day work, we establish a series of requirements for each of our productions, encompassing the chain of custody and the company’s social and environmental practices, and setting a series of chemical restrictions in order to limit the impact

TIMED by Morrison Experience

Today we speak with Álvaro, founding partner of Zapatillas Morrison, he tells us about how the company was launched and how labeling has been a fundamental part of the product development process. Especially his experience with Etimed: Etimed: Can you tell us about Morrison? How the brand was born. We started three years ago manufacturing

We renew the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) at ETIMED

 The Global Recycle Standard (GRS). It is an international, voluntary product standard. At Etimed we think that our products must follow the highest standards of quality and responsibility, and this is why we continue to periodically renew the GRS. This establishes a series of requirements for the certification of recycled material. That includes from the

Tendencia DENIM

TENDECIAS A20W21 Hoy queremos presentaros las nuevas colecciones de inspipración DENIM. Aquí la estética de la etiqueta se alimenta de efectos reales, creando contrastes y confiando en la riqueza del resultado final. Criterio que conseguimos en cada fabricación. Descubrimos a continuación las tres nuevas colecciones A20W21 de etiquetado de tendencia denim, donde el desarrollo sostenible


Simple or extravagant, original or basic, perfect or imperfect,… This is how the details that decorate, embellish and above all add value to the garment or object where they are placed can become. Apart from also highlighting the brand that has been advertised, making it more competent in the market, entering consumers through the eyes.

recycled polyester

Recycled polyamide is a fiber made from recovered polymer waste. This waste can come from waste material, such as fishing nets, clothing, plastic bottles,… that are generated in the production of some materials. Every year on the coasts, tons of fishing nets are collected that are lost by ships or deposited on the bottom of


It is not a novelty, but the guidelines that set the guidelines for this season sign a rhythmic tempo between the trends. In general terms, we anticipate some daring collections that are not connected to each other. They are completely independent in terms of aesthetics, color and finish. However, in some of them we have


After waiting in these long and anguishing months that the pandemic has brought us and with the hope that time will pass and the desire that things will get better, Etimed Etiquetas has meant a moment of continuity where our work has not ceased. a single moment elevating our effort and know-how to the maximum


New collection, new fantasy Spring and summer for the vast majority of people are the favorite seasons of the year and with it, the desire to get rid of warm clothes and put on groundbreaking looks. Inspired by those “great looks” we have created innovative, very striking and versatile collections for any style. Labels with


As time goes by, we are becoming more aware of the climate crisis that we have been suffering for years now. At Etimed we are developing our own range of sustainable possibilities to offer our clients; carrying out incessant work in search of raw material that meets the high standards of sustainability and low environmental

shoe labels

At Etimed, we successfully direct the creation and manufacture of our collections, season after season, with the firm proposal of establishing a less polluting label model. Setting a series of chemical restrictions in order to limit the impact on the environment. Today we want to introduce you to our collection of shoe labels. A varied


From Etimed Etiquetas we can say of this collection that we present below that it is a true box of surprises: in a season in which we consider it should be free of restrictions, we found paths of strong alliances demonstrating once again that the denim fabric (the so-called ” jeans”) came to stay since

The Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labor

The Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labor has decided to grant ETIMED ETIQUETAS a grant of €120,401.33 for the execution of the project “Technological Modernization to increase productive capacity and sustainable manufacturing”. The project has consisted of making investments in machinery in the company’s label manufacturing department and in the implementation of


We define the word transfer as; silk-screen inks printed on a non-stick support and later transferred to a support by applying heat and pressure by means of a stamping plate. From our trajectory in the manufacture of labels for the textile and footwear sector, the production of transfers is very present in our day to

Papers with organic waste

Etimed is committed to the environment, which is why we have a wide variety of papers made from ecological, recyclable and biodegradable materials. So that our clients, in addition to taking care of the ecosystem, can reinforce the image of their brand and the values of their products. Our challenge is to offer ecological papers

FSC certification

This type of certification indicates that the papers used to make our products come from wood, from a responsibly and sustainably managed forest. This certification assures the consumer that forest management complies with internationally recognized standards. These papers have more and more strength in our production, since at Etimed we think about the future and

Shoe labels: discover them

As label manufacturers we know how important shoe labels are. Are you going to launch a new line of footwear? Are you starting with a new project? We want your new shoes to look as they deserve and the labels you put on them to match. This is an essential garment in our wardrobe and

Do you want to know the new trends in labels?

A touch of color, a different tone, a bit of sparkle to your worn-out jeans, your lace shirt or your “red” shoes,… they can be different if you decorate each one of them, with the new trend in textile and shoe labeling that we present to you and that will mark part of the next

Where to buy the latest trends of 2022

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