The following blog will explore the latest fashion trends in 2022, online stores that provide the latest trends, the best online stores to shop at in the UK and what you should know when buying online. A critical factor in buying online is the review section, as it enables one to get an inside perspective and review a website more intricately. Reviewing website is essential as it will allow one to decide whether or not the company is reliable, has quality products and is trustworthy. For example, get the label reviews has many online customer reviews rating their services, products, delivery process, etc.

Fashion trends of 2022

It is imperative to keep up with the forever changing trends when wanting to dress fashionably. Therefore here are the current trends for 2022 so far. Firstly is dressing in colour. Gone are the neutral tans and browns; colourful outfits are making a splash on the recent catwalks. One can choose only to wear one bold colour, or you can mix and match your colour palate. Secondly, fringe is making an appearance. This trend encapsulates a more bohemian and laid-back feel with crotched tops with fringe detailing and tassels. One can easily incorporate it into an outfit. Thirdly, is cutouts. Whether in a top or dress, cut out shapes are becoming incredibly in trend as they allow one to reveal a bit more skin uniquely. Fourthly is the Y2K era, the 2000s. This year, the mini-skirts, low-waisted jeans, chockers, double denim, and unique colour combinations are making a huge comeback.

Online stores providing the latest trends

With fashion constantly changing and trends coming and going, one may continuously be looking for reliable brands that produce trendy clothing. Therefore, here are the current best online stores to shop at. The first online store is Farfetched. This brand is a luxury brand offering high-quality garments. In addition, they also provide second-hand items such as Chanel handbags. Secondly is Etsy. Etsy is a great site to shop for preloved items and vintage clothing. Thirdly is Nasty Gal. Nasty Gal is one of the best Fast Fashion brands and often has many categories to choose from. In addition, they cater to plus-sized individuals, ensuring they too can dress fashionably. Lastly, Everlane is the go-to place for staple items in your cupboard. They are reasonably priced and use ethical factories and high-end materials.

The best online stores in the UK

Of course, if you are looking for clothing stores in general, the top online clothing stores in the UK are as follows; Boohoo, ASOS, Misguided, PrettyLittlething, Nike,, and Little Mistress honourable mentions. But, of course, many other online stores are awaiting you to explore them and what they offer.

What to know when buying clothing online

Shopping online can be very stressful, especially if it is your first time. Therefore there are some key factors to know when shopping online. Namely, it is imperative to know your measurements and use the website’s sizing chart as a guide. Doing so will ensure you choose the correct size that fits your measurements. Furthermore, when browsing a clothing company’s website that you have never purchased from, read the reviews to see if they are reliable and if their clothing items are of quality. Additionally, ensure that you read the company’s return policy before buying anything.

With trends coming and going, it is imperative to rely on clothing companies that stick with the trends, function ethically, and offer quality. Moreover, ensure you know your measurements and read the reviews when shopping.

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