One of the most expensive and special times of your life is your wedding. Because it’s a special day, you may want to spend a lot of money to make it perfect. However, you’ll find out that as special and grand as you want it, you may not have the finances for it. For tips on managing finances, read articles on Luminablog for better Insights.

Even though many may object, buying used wedding items is a great alternative. The good news is that every wedding item is only for one day, so it can still look as good as new.   Paying less for wedding decorations, as expected to pay more for brand new items, paying less for wedding decorations is a great feeling. Here is a list of shopping websites to shop for any wedding items you want. We’ve compiled a list of five places where you may also buy old wedding décor.

1. Facebook MarketPlace

To shop on Facebook, go to your main Facebook newsfeed’s left-hand menu and select “Marketplace.” Then, using the search bar, look for the products you like, and message the seller to negotiate a price and schedule pickup.

You can boost your listing on Facebook to get more people to see it for a modest cost.  You may be able to set your item as available for delivery depending on the user, the value of the item, and whether or not it fits within Facebook’s permitted list of categories.

2. Amazon

Amazon remains one of the best platforms to buy household items online. They also have an answer to your wedding needs. If you particularly need balloons, confetti, lights, signage, and other decorations, Amazon is your best option. Check their decor items if you want to buy in bulk and have them delivered to your door.  What’s the best part? Before your package arrives at your door, you can use Amazon’s well-known user reviews area to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

3. Wedding Recycle

Wedding Recycle stands shoulder high above others on this list regarding commission charges. The only downside is that they fall short in buyer protection. The pricing can be hit or miss.

Payments are processed over the site and placed into a PayPal account; buyers and sellers can also communicate privately to arrange other payment and pickup methods.

4. Etsy

Etsy is another good place to get a good wedding record. If you want to get Paper goods, signage, arches, table runners, cake stands, and a whole lot more, Etsy is your best plug.   You’ll have a plethora of choices thanks to outstanding artisans selling their wares from all over the world. To avoid any stress leading up to the big day, make sure to provide plenty of extra time for production and shipment.

5. WeddingWire Shop

Weddingwire is another place to shop for your wedding decor. If you’re keen on having Low-cost wedding decorations, you can use WeddingWire.  It is also a terrific place to get gifts, favors, stationery, and other wedding essentials all in one place.


Having a wedding is one of the special moments most people dream about. Sometimes certain factors like finances may be a hindering factor. Thankfully, there are choices where you can still have a fancy wedding without breaking a bank.

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