It is not until you attend an Italian wedding that you would want to have your Italian-themed wedding.

The good thing is that you don’t have to go to Italy to know how there are weddings are celebrated.

A glimpse at the Italian-themed wedding

The Internet is very resourceful and with a couple of ideas, you can begin planning your Italian-themed wedding.

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Traditions are a big part of Italian culture. All of the ceremonies have different traditions.

This article goes through all the Italian traditions and steps you will take to have your dream Italian wedding. Let’s get into it;

1. Engagement

Wedding planning in the Italian traditions starts after the proposal. A diamond ring is treasured during an engagement.

The bride is serenaded by the groom and the engagement is sealed with a deep kiss. There is no engagement party.

Rather the couples bring their family together to bounce their wish to marry and for the families to know each other.

2. Wedding planning.

After the marriage has been approved by both the families then the wedding plans begin. They help each other in planning for the wedding.

A special day is set. In Italian superstitions, Sunday is the best wedding day as it brings good luck, fertility, and prosperity.

If the bride wears gold the day before the wedding, it brings bad luck. So it’s supposed to be avoided. The bride should rather put on green clothes that are said to bring good fortune.

3. La serenata.

Italians are very romantic people. The night before the wedding the groom serenades the bride from outside her window.

This is planned by the friends and family of the bride with the bride being in the dark.

The bride waking up to this is a good sign for a successful and happy wedding. It shows acceptance of the wedding.

At times the bride would lower some bread down the window to show her acceptance.

4. The wedding budget

Italians love helping each other with wedding expenses.

The Italian bride carries around a satin bag called last Borsa in which the guests keep some money in it.

5. Traditional wedding dress

The wedding gown is an important aspect of the wedding.

It should be white representing purity.

The other guest should not put on white clothes. This would seem rude.

6. Getting to the ceremony

The groom is responsible for buying his bride a bridal bouquet that he presents on the wedding day.

The bride picks it up when she arrives at the church entrance.

The groom waits for his bride at the altar. The bride walks down the aisle with her father.

The bride’s father then greets the groom and kisses her daughter then goes to sit with his wife in the first row.

7. The wedding rings

The wedding rings in Italy are known as ‘fede’ which means faith. It is traditionally worn on the left hand.

The maid of honour and the best man are responsible for buying the rings as a sign of honouring the couple.

8. The exit.

As the couple exits the church as newlyweds, they are celebrated and the people throw rice at them to symbolize a shower of fertility.

The bride and groom also break a wine glass to determine how long the couple will stay happy.

The Broken pieces account for the number of years the couple will be happy together.

9. The wedding reception

Finally, the wedding reception.

Italian celebrations are all about fun, food, and drinks.

A lot of food, drinks, and desserts are prepared for that day. Dancing is also definitely a very big part of Italian weddings.

The bride and groom kiss. While people praise them.

The bride and groom will walk from table to table to talk to each guest to make them feel welcomed.

The wedding cake is usually big and white o symbolize to show purity.

10. Wedding Songs.

Finally, not to forget Italian wedding songs.

Music is one of the most important parts of an Italian wedding. Italians have the most romantic wedding songs.

The Italian wedding songs fit perfectly in every part of the wedding ceremony. Examples of some of these romantic songs include Sciuri Sciuri, Calabrisella Mia, Vivo Per Lei, and Volare.

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