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2016, a work in progress

Making a general compilation of our work, it is time to share with you and take stock of what these “366 days” have been. All with a common denominator; a work in progress. We started looking for inspiration season after season. Knowing new terms, concepts in colors, discovering new materials… Exposing ourselves to constant continuous

Label materials, how to choose the best?

Types of label materials Cardboard labels: one of the simplest and most versatile materials that allows us to create everything we can imagine with it. It is being used above all for hang tags and can arouse multiple instincts in the end customer. Undoubtedly, a safe bet to capture our brand since it admits multiple

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The change of season also means the change in trends and at Etimed we are always up to date for our clients. For this reason, like you, we are working already thinking about the next Spring-Summer 2018 season to guarantee the latest innovations both in components and in the next trends in labels to ensure


Leather labels for jeans are elements intended to decorate, for example, very common to see them on the waist of a jean decorating as a detail of distinction and authenticity of the brand. It is a requested element to give added value to any textile element in the vast majority, transmitting a value of authenticity


In general what recycled fabrics seek is to make society aware of the dangers of pollution. The choice of fibers and materials used in a label collection have a decisive influence on the sustainability of the final product. Productions that require careful labeling at the height of the product itself. It is time to think

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